Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Strangely Loving The Bachelorette

I can honestly say I've never had an interest in watching The Bachelorette.

But this season is different.

First of all, I am rooting for Jesse. Why? He's from my neck of the woods! Who would've thought that a boy from Cass County would wind up on national TV. He's cute, he's sweet, and I bet he's a good Midwestern boy at heart...

I think his bio said his accomplishments were owning his house, buying a truck and living where he wants. He lives in KC. (Another bachelor from Wichita also lives in KC, but he was eliminated. Is it odd to have two dudes from the same city?)

Anyway, go Jesse! He's from Peculiar, Missouri, so already people are saying jokes like, "He's peculiar!" Sure he hasn't heard that before...

And, by the way, I noticed some bad editing on ABC's part. If you watch The Bachelorette (episode 2)... right before Jonathan, a.k.a. Weatherman, got his rose from Ali, a cutaway actually showed him with a rose. Huh? I was so confused, I went back and watched it thinking I had missed him getting a rose. Turns out, the editors flubbed it and showed Jonathan with a rose before he got his rose.

Whoops! They ruined the surprise!

Anyway, Craig was a jerk. Good teeth, great hair, bad personality.

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Beatrice Swift said...

I love Jesse too!! What a doll!! And was so happy to see Craig go, too. Something about that guy was just creepy. Have a great week Meesh! :)