Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Found it! Oh wow! Jim in a Korean Emergency Room!

I just found this on my sister's Facebook page. I've never seen it before! I wanted to take pictures and document Jim's trip the ER in Korea, but I just thought that was too heartless (as his wife, I mean.)

But, I really wanted to record the memory for him! Korean people apparently go to the E.R. for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. My Korean family says people even go for colds, so they really pushed us into going.

Here's what happened. We got married Korean-style in Busan (also my birthplace.)

We then went to T.G.I.Friday's (really? An American restaurant?) Jim ordered a chicken sandwich. So did Glenn. Apparently, the chicken was not cooked properly, and Jim got terribly ill as we were returning to Miryang. He was vomiting uncontrollably and sweating... he was like that for a full day. We got really concerned later that night, and Glenn suggested we go to the E.R.

Surprisingly, the doctor spoke English very well. I enjoyed talking with him!

It was traumatic, however. While we were there, a family rushed in carrying a screaming little girl. She had something sharp in her eye, and the doctor couldn't get it out. I think they transferred her. She made the most gut-wrenching sound, and everyone was practically in tears listening to it.

I really liked going to the E.R., aside from Jim actually being sick. I saw my birth family in action, and that was so cool. Immediately, they took care of Jim. They all went to the E.R. in a caravan, and they patiently waited for the doctor to tell them what was wrong. It was such a strong family moment, and though it was an awkward time to be happy, I was overjoyed at how my birth family responded. They reminded me of Jim's family. There were so many of them running around and being supportive. I grew up in a small family, so the dramatics aren't quite there when two of us run to each others' side. Jim comes from a large family... and apparently, I do, too!

Anyway, if you ever go to an E.R. in a small Korean mountain town, it will be a really interesting experience. Ours looked like an urgent care center and NOT the E.R. we are used to seeing in the states. Jim got an IV, and after an hour or so, we went home. And this is the only picture we have of it!

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Michelle said...

We had a really good time with you guys too! I want to eat at that Korean restaurant again....yum! For sure come down this spring and lets go floating.

love the hawaiian wedding picture...you guys look too cute!