Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Dash

I just bought a new phone and have no idea how to use it. I feel much like my mother in this way, since I had to have a one-on-one with her about how to text people...and she still won't do it.

But anyway, this is the T-Mobile Dash. It is very cool, and it is Windows based. When I figure it out, I bet it will be very awesome. The saleswoman told me that I could essentially write my stories on a word document with my phone and then email it back to myself by the time I get to the station. Kick ace. I doubt I ever need to do that, but if I did, it would be totally cool.

Here's my one complaint--why can't phones just be phones anymore? Am I that outdated? The only reason I bought a new phone was because my stupid Razr crapped out on me. I only wanted to spend like $50...and all the phones cost much more than that since my contract wasn't up...When did this start happening? BS.


Brad said...

Yeah the Dash is a good phone...I've had mine for a few months now and I'm content. It has a great camera and you can put mp3s on it. However, the alarm sucks! It goes off even when it's turned off! Or at least mine does. Hope it serves you well!


Complaint Department Manager said...

The smartphones are where carriers make a huge profit, which is why they got you into that phone. I know, because I worked in the industry for over 7 years. Cost on those things are a joke plus they get an opportunity to sell you features to your plan for added monthly revenue. Even if you don't buy them now, you are a potential customer down the road. They always think 2 steps ahead.

Any good carrier will have a good retention department, it's their job to make you happy when the store doesn't. People working there get tired of all the stores getting all the action... They don't like this kind of info getting out to the public.

Worse case scenario, Ebay. Scrutinize the sellers good and you won't have problems. I can attest for that after I broke my Treo. Added bonus, no contract hassle. If you know anyone who wants to do an upgrade and has a good phone, tell them to hold onto it and don't turn it in. My motto, always have a back up phone.

By the way, congrats on the new phone and good luck with the 'yellow pages' of an instruction manual, there's a time killer.

junemoon said...

Hi Michelle ~ I can totally relate to your challenge of learning about your new phone's bells & whistles... I recently inherited (long story) a Blackberry and it took me 2 days (okay, I lied - 3 days) to figure out how to change it's ringtone. All I wanted was what is now considered a "Classic" ringy dingy. Good luck with your set-up! and wish me luck with mine - I'm trying to figure out the camera part now...