Friday, August 17, 2007

New everything! New job, new ring...what's next?

Very soon, you'll only find this pic on the wayback machine.

Well, I thought I was supposed to keep this a secret for a few more days, but since the News-Leader scooped me on my own news, then I guess I should tell.

Yes, I am leaving KY3.

Effective September.

I am going over to KSPR--Springfield 33 will be dead by then.

KSPR will have a new and improved look...

...with new graphics, a new website, and new people. New is relative, of course...some oldies are returning as newbies--Joe (KOLR-10) and Christine Daues (once Christine Bielawski, former KY3 city beat reporter) will anchor the nightly news...Kyle Bosch and Natalie Nunn will do the mornings...I will be on the weekends...
as mentioned, again, in eh, the News-Leader.

I will effectively have a social life again! For 4 1/2 years I have woken up at 5 a.m every Saturday and 6 a.m. on every Sunday. It will be a nice change.

So, why leave KY3? Why not?

There were new opportunities awaiting, and I couldn't resist. I have been longing a different schedule and a change of pace for some time now. I knew that I wasn't leaving Springfield any time soon, and this was the best opportunity for change. I had to ask special permission to leave, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Being apart of something new is exciting! It will be challenging, but KSPR has no where to go but up. We've got an outstanding news team, plus ABC programming is looking pretty good...

I will miss the KY3 newsroom, but in the end, I'm still working for the same company.

Some bloggers have been cynical about this, but realistically, it will benefit the viewers. KY3 and KSPR are owned/operated by the same company, but right now, the stations will work in two separate newsrooms and under two different news directors.

Competition will be better for the market.

Oh yeah, and I got engaged last Sunday.
The pictures of the ring and my fiance are above.

Stay tuned.


lisa mann said...

You go girl! I'm so happy for you. I hope you go over there and show everyone what you're made of!

MoJoe said...

Congrats! Get ready for a wild ride with Mr. Davis as your boss. My advice: He's easily distracted by Mac gadgets. Have an iPhone or secret stakeholder speech by Steve Jobs handy in case he's ready to yell at you.

addie said...

holy crap girl! i didn't know you guys got engaged! kickin' ring!! jimmy-v went all out :o) congrats!!

P K said...


What is happening at KY3, I read in the paper this morning that you are moving to kspr? First it was Jerry, then Tim, Cara and now you. I understand that
people probably get bored with things and move on but I certainly hate to see what I call the jelled ones leave. Some people work well with some and then some never really fit in. I think that you do a great job and have very interesting stories. Best of luck.


roger said...

well, from what i hear no one wants to stay at ky anymore, you were a smart girl to get out. i'll miss you on air but looks like i'll have to do the switch!

roger miller

Jill G said...

Congratulations on ALL of your exciting news!


Michelle said...

Thanks Jill!! I should congratulate you, though. I want more family pics so I can post them here!

Mike said...

Congratulations Michelle on your new job and engagement. Wow big changes in the Springfield news scene.

Max said...

Michelle, congrats on the move. I'm sure KY3 won't be the same without you but leaving for a better opportunity is quite normal in the industry.

Good luck and if I am passing through the Springfield area in the near future I will make sure to tune in.

Your buddy up in STL.


Max said...

You know what? I completed missed the part that you got engaged. (egg on my face right? :) )

Well congrats on that girl.


Darin said...

Congratulations Michelle!

I'm excited for you on both counts. May your success continue.

Jason said...

Congratulations on the new gig and your engagement! I hope the new gig is all you hope it will be and that blessings will pour upon you and your beloved. :)