Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KY3's Cara Connelly Turns in Resignation

For the last five years, Cara Connelly has been in our homes telling us the news. She started at KY3 as the weekend anchor, moved up to the mornings, and eventually landed the 5 o'clock slot...

Well, now my good friend is taking on another position at WBNS-10, Central Ohio's #1 station. It is the CBS affiliate, so she may actually have some watchable TV shows leading into one of her newscasts! Ha!

We will miss Cara. The tides are changing again. In the last 4 1/2 years since I've been here, we've had a lot of people come in and out of our doors...and I'll be sad to see her go.

Please wish her luck! Either email her at or leave your comments here. She will likely be leaving in a few weeks!!


Sniderman said...

I'd sure like to know what Cara "Boom Boom" Connelly means before she goes.

You go, Cara.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cara!

I'll always remember how you helped me get my start at good ol'WIBW when I knew basically NOTHING about what I was doing. Good luck in the future!


Anonymous said...

Oh, great...Ron Davis is joining 33, and Cara is leaving. I'm selling my television set.

Michelle said...

Now, now, this will all blow over, young grasshopper.

No need to sell your TV set. We will certainly miss Cara, but we are happy to add new additions to our KY3 family...

I can assure you we will all do our best.

Art Morris said...

The first time I saw Cara on the screen, I knew she was destined to be successful. I'm surprised she's stayed in Springfield as long as she has.

I don't know her personally. All I know is that she's really good on-air, and has a huge potential in the business.

I'm sure she'll eventually be working on network.

Art Morris

Big Bully said...

This is the first that I've heard about the lovely and talented Cara Connelly leaving. Besides you Michelle, Cara is the most beautful news anchor on t.v. Why does KY3 have such difficulty keeping beautiful and talented people? Is it a pay issue? Is it a management issue? What's up? I just assumed people like Cara Connelly, considering her fan base, commanded a high salary. And by the way, where is Michelle Davidson? She's on one day and gone the next? Come on Michelle, an inquiring "mind" wants to know. Please share some information. You tell me, I'm like a vault. I tell know one. Also, I can't believe you are married!! I was holding out some hope that we could hook up. What a let down. That being said, is Cara single and looking? I'm quite a catch Michelle so I'd hate to see her leave without experiencing at least a romantic evening over a happy meal at McDonald's with me.

Big Bully said...

Sorry if my comments have appeared more than once. I didn't originally see the above statement that my comment had been saved.

Monique said...


My name is Monique and I graduated from MSSU as a Mass Comm./Journalist major. When watching the daily news, I noticed that you weren't there anymore. I always asked my husband, "where is Cara, I think she left the station." I was right. Sad to see you go. I surely looked up to you and how well spoken you were.

I wish you the best in OHIO. I know that you will excel. They will love having you in their homes because we ALL did.

God Bless You.