Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Korean wedding in a nutshell

We took pictures before the ceremony.

The guys walked in first and bowed to my Korean father.

The audience...mostly extended Korean family.
During the ceremony, we bow to each other.

Afterwards, we take more pictures. This is my extended Korean family.

Next, we bow to our elders and serve them something to drink.

They throw chestnuts at us to see how many children we'll have.

Jim and I caught eight.

Then the men carry us on their backs. And we kiss them.

This is my immediate Korean family. Good lookin' bunch.


Jenn said...

some very nice looking pictures Michelle! It really looks like (despite the heavy head gear you mentioned) that you all were having a really nice time!

Jamie said...

I am from the Holt board and yes I am in the Springfield area. I saw the post and recognized you. I have been catching up on your trip through your blog. It's very interesting for me. My son came home from South Korea in May of this year.