Monday, October 26, 2009

Korean Emergency Room Scare!

I forgot to tell my mom this when I was on the phone with her a few minutes ago, but Jim had a hospital scare last night (Sunday night)!

On the night of our Korean wedding, Glenn, Hyun Jeong, Jim and I went to T.G.I.Fridays in Busan for a late night meal. Jim and Glenn ordered a chicken sandwich. Hyun Jeong ordered a quesadilla, I think, and I ordered fries and boneless wings.

Apparently, something was wrong with the chicken.

Glenn spent his night throwing up. Jim woke up fine Sunday, but shortly after, he started sweating and throwing up. Glenn apparently recovered a little better because he was functioning (though he said his stomach hurt, and he felt like he had a hangover.) Jim had a tougher time surviving the day and after hours of traveling, looking for over-the-counter medicine, and trying to sleep it off... we ended up going to the hospital.

Glenn explained that it's not a big deal to go to the hospital, at least for Koreans. He said they go often, even if they have a cold. However, to a foreigner, I can see how it would be a little traumatic. We walked into the ER in Miryang, and there were several small beds out in the open in one room. We weren't sure we'd be able to communicate what was wrong with Jim. And, we were worried about insurance, medicine, etc. I wish I had a picture, but Jim didn't feel well, and I couldn't bring myself to take one.

There was no need to worry. Our doctor was great. In fact, he spoke English very well, so that was a nice bonus. Turns out, Jim had some sort of bacteria from eating some uncooked food. His small intestine didn't like it and was having spasms, causing stomach pain and vomiting. Jim got an IV and after an hour, we went home. Today he was able to eat mild food and took some medicine.

Although it was an awful way to spend our last night in Miryang, it was kind of neat. Hyun Mi, Hyun Jeong, my birth mom, Glenn, and Yeoun Jeong's husband were all there to take us to the hospital. They were all acting as his advocate, and they were all there for us. Plus, Hyun Mi and I got a chance to talk for a while, so it was special. It felt like a family! And, oddly enough, it was a neat experience. I don't know how Jim will feel about being in a Korean hospital, but it's definitely unique.

*P.S. I've been to Korea four times and have never had a bad experience with food. I don't think people need to be weary of what they're eating here.

My sister Hyun Mi called TGIFridays and told them they ruined two couple's wedding night! Let's hear it for my big sis!

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Jenn said...

AWWWWW so sorry to hear the guys got sick! OMG and on your wedding nights! YIKES.