Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 3 and 4...and 5 short version

We are now with our birth family! I wish I could send some pictures, but I have a limited amount of time. I will try to post some tonight!

Here's some quick details: Went to Gyeongju, visited a Buddhist temple, traveled to Miryang and am staying at my birth family's home.

We were so excited to meet Glenn. He's a great guy! And we love little Won Hoo. He gave Jim "boh-bohs"... (kisses)...but not at first.

Okay, Jim says he loves his family and I love you, too! Mom and Dad... will write soon--love you!
We have to kop-shee-da (let's go!)... I think Glenn is going to try to get us some pizza. Thank goodness.

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