Friday, October 23, 2009

My nephew and his experience with white guys, The greatest little school on earth, and little Korean kids who cuss in English

7:30 p.m. Korea time, Friday--

I can't post pictures right now, so I can't tell you in good detail what we've been up to. It's no good without pictures.

I broke my camera. Of course, it was the one I bought JUST for this trip. Yup, at the DMZ, right before we got to the "good" part. So, then Mr. Chae drove all around Gyeongju to find a camera shop. We bought a new camera... a Nikon Coolpix-- the cheapest in the store...and guess what? I lost it. Sort of. Actually, after several minutes of panicking and searching, my birth father found it in his car. Too bad we are in another town, so we won't be able to retrieve it for another day. Jim really, really loves it when I do stuff like this.

At least I've got some video I can share.

The cutest thing is Won Hoo, my nephew. He's my youngest sister's baby. He's also the first grandchild. He is a little more than one year old. When Jim and I first showed up at my birth family's house yesterday, Won Hoo took one look at us and started bawling. Big tears, too! My birth family said he also does this when he sees Glenn. Poor Jim and poor Glenn. Our little nephew is afraid of the white guys...that is, until recently. Watch the breakthrough... off camera, Jim even got three kisses from the little guy. Thank goodness for chocolate! Hershey's should get a payout from that!

Also, now that we're in Miryang, we had a chance to see Hyun Jeong and Glenn's school that they started a few months ago. Jim and I are really impressed with their accomplishments. They look so professional around town with their flyers, billboard-banners, and cards! They have a lot to be proud of. I hope they'll move back to the states and try to teach English to our international students. Do you think I can convince them? ha!

After that, the four of us went to a park and played frisbee. Actually, Jim and Glenn played frisbee...and they made a few small friends in the process. The funny thing is that these kids didn't know a lot of English. They knew "Hi!", "Hello!", "I'm sorry!"...and "S-H-I-*!" One kid kept yelling it over and over and over. Glenn and Jim both kept saying, "No! Don't say that!" But, I don't think the kid understood. Or cared. I was laughing on the inside and wondering... where did he learn Hi, I'm sorry, and SHI#?! I guess, in reality, those are about the only three English words one needs to know anyway.

More will be posted on Facebook a little later. Right now, we're in Busan... and headed out to find some Mexican food for Glenn. I think he's super excited that we found near our hotel!

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Jenn said...

so happy I am not the only one that breaks and or looses camera's! LOL. Sounds like your having a great time!