Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Think My Birthday is Wrong

I have always prided the fact that I was born on the scariest day of the scariest month of the year--October 13th!

My birthday was on FRIDAY THE 13TH for two VERY SPECIAL birthdays-- my 16th and my 21st.

My 16th birthday was also homecoming. I took my driving test, passed, and went to school in my new-to-me hot red Cavalier. haha! After school, I drove a handful of my friends to get something to eat. I then picked up my homecoming date (still friends) Ryan Allen, and took him to homecoming.

A few days later, I flipped my car. Coincidence? I think not. It must've been the Friday the 13th curse. Try explaining that to a very disappointed and angry father.

Fast forward five years. My 21st birthday was also on a Friday. My college sweetheart bought me a keg at our favorite bar at KU. Actually, it was my least favorite bar, but it was one of the most popular ones because it was right off campus: The Wheel. I think I'm the only person who didn't love the Wheel, but I did love Wheel Pizza. Yummm...

Anyway, I remember I wore my favorite long, green leather skirt, knee high boots and a black turtleneck. Long skirts, boots and turtlenecks were kind of my uniform back then. Anyway, I remember someone else had also ordered a keg that night and suddenly my keg was empty. I though I looked H-O-T-T... too bad I ended up puking in a back alley and going home early. What I wouldn't do to still fit in that skirt.

But, as much as I've loved to be a Friday the 13th/October 13th baby... I think I've been celebrating the wrong day. Technically, if I was born on October 13th in Korea, I would have likely been born on October 12th time in the U.S.!

This travesty just occurred to me... TONIGHT on the way to dinner with Jim.

Should I switch my birthday? Or should I try to squeeze out more princess power from the two-day birthday snafu? I mean, I'm too old to celebrate a "birthday week" (though I try to pull it off every year regardless...) However, do you think I could try to get special attention on both days?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, i forgot your birthday again! What a bad sister!
but,Congratulations!!! Did you have a good time with Jim??

Marisa DeClue said...

When did you get to be too old for birthday week? I say pull the princess power and take a two-day birthday holiday fo' sho'.

Kathee Baird said...

Definetly princess power. Double birthdays mean double presents!