Friday, March 06, 2009

Going to California...

I'm finally going to California to visit my birth aunt. The vacation was approved, the airline tickets are booked, and the house is rented.

Now what?

If anyone has any tips on how to get around San Francisco, let me know. My friend, Alan, lived there several years ago, and he's been a hoot...

Now that I think of it, I know three people from three different stations who work in SF... but 2 out of 3 are professional contacts, so probably not going to hit them up for tourist tips. Hmmm...

Anyway, I'm so excited to meet my biological aunt and uncle. She is the sister of my biological mother. I really wish my mom was going with me, but I think this is a good trip for my new hubby. This international adoption stuff is new to him... and I think this trip is a good intro for him, especially since we have plans on visiting Korea this year. Wow!!

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts, let me know.

I told you, I'm already finding out interesting things from them... like, my Korean grandfather having a concubine and stuff. It's a real blessing to have this connection! I am happy.


Aaron said...

I wish we could go to Korea. The food alone would be worth the trip.

We're going to be saving up our dough over the next year or so and do a big trip next summer.

As far as San Fran, that sounds cool, too. I've never been to California, though.


HyunJeong Park said...

wow! when are you going to go there?

Keiichi said...

I am glad to hear You rae happy!
The picture is nice!
But,is this real?
I mean, Computer graphics?
Have a nice day!