Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Looking Back: My Korea Trip story on KY3

November is National Adoption Month. And what a great month.

I did this story back in 2005 during the month of November. In a way, I hate sharing it because I was such a new reporter... my voice, my writing, my delivery... all makes me cringe a little when I watch this. But, I can overlook it because I'm reminded of the passion I had. Plus, I shot and edited the video myself.

This was the story I shot in 2005 when I went to Korea. I followed a group of adoptees around as they tried to search for their birth family... on top of just visiting their birth country for the first time. I remember lugging around a camera and mic the whole time. It was exhausting.

I was so disappointed at the time because no adoptee found their birth parent. I thought WHAT LUCK! And, there were so many parts to the story, I didn't know where to start.

But, along the way, I decided to choose Emma. She was 11 at the time and really wanted to find her birth mother. She was so sweet, and her family was awesome. I even went to Oklahoma and stayed with them for a weekend when we got back. I still think of them.

Anyway, here's the old story. AND HAPPY NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH! I also wanted to post the story because one of my friends from my very first news job is getting ready to go to Korea to pick up her baby! I must have Korea on the brain.


Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

This story is awesome! I love it! You have no reason to cringe (although I understand that feeling). Truly well-written, great shots and editing. Thanks for sharing!! I love seeing you "at work." xoxo, Hannah

Anonymous said...

I remember some of them. I love this film. wow.. it was six years ago! -hyunjeong