Monday, September 20, 2010

Angels in Adoption, Thank you Mr. Blunt

I posted this on my Facebook page a while back, but I guess I've been neglecting my blog. I recently received a great honor, and I wanted to share it here.

I will be traveling to Washington, D.C. early next month to accept a Congressional award for my volunteer work in adoption. As many of you know, I've been a huge advocate for adoption for several years. The Wednesday's Child segments on KSPR have been going well, but I would like to see more participation from the community. We'll get there.

I loved, loved, loved being an escort for Korean adoptees. There's nothing better than flying halfway across the world to bring a baby home to the United States. The first time I did it was in 1998, and I remember that's when families could still go right up to the gate. That baby cried all the way from Seoul to Tulsa, but I was the one crying when we gave him to his parents.

I've never said this on my blog, but I would probably leave TV news if I thought I could work with Korean adoptees or for an international adoption agency... but what would I do? I admire social workers, but the work is too exhausting.

I once thought I could be a social worker in 1998. I was at KU. I took my first social work class-- it would also be my last. I thought I'd go to the class and automatically learn about my interest, international adoption. However, I learned about poverty, mental illness and the sacrifices social workers make. One day, I was sitting in a huge lecture hall, and my professor started crying. She had just learned one of her former students had been murdered in New York. The former student was now a social worker and had been killed as a result of being mugged.

So... although I am thrilled and honored to be accepting a Congressional award for my volunteerism, it does not even compare to the daily contributions our social workers make. They should be honored every day!
On a side note, I should thank Congressman Roy Blunt. He is the one who nominated me for this honor. As many people know, Mr. Blunt adopted a boy from Russia a few years ago, and Charlie is so cute!

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korean war baby said...

Congratulations to you for the Congressional Award, don't be too humble, for you have done much for the mainstream of adoption. Far too much attention goes to those very few who have regretted giving up a child, had a "bad adoption", etc.

Some of these have had horrible things happen, yet even in 'regular' families there is loss, molestation, divorce, death, abuse, sad to say. The voices of the majority of Korean Adoptions I believe are not "Black or Bad" but rather in the shades of Gray. we all have to deal with being TransRacial and Transcultural adoptees but most of us have just dealt with it. Our Adoption Identity develops hopefully with better prepared Adoptive families who help their child understand their unique situation.

I know hundreds of KADs who are "happy to be adopted because they understand that their bio-parents had to make difficult choices. Mixed-Cultural marriages as yours also help because your children, being from two cultures/ethnicities will be able to have the best of the two.

Thank you for your service and inspiration.

The Korean War Baby
Living in the motherland