Friday, November 06, 2009

My fave pic of wedding hair!

My oldest sister Hyun Mi took these pictures! I just saw them yesterday on Hyun Jeong's Facebook page.

I think Hyun Jeong is so beautiful. I like this picture of us! I miss Korea so much. My heart aches this time, and this is the fourth time I've been back. One day I will write a post on my reflections. I really haven't had the time because of the new changes at work. It pains me.


Jenn said...

Oh I like those pictures TOO!

Korean War Baby said...

Wow, you two look like princesses, I think the word is wonja, NO, just kidding, that is one of my cat's name, and it means Prince.

GongJu 종 주 is Princess and you are both dressed like princesses. You might be interested in a Korean folklore story about the Abandoned Princess, Bari GongJu,
This will explain the lot of females in modern Korea since the Neo-Confucius period started women became second class citizens.

Well, cannot wait to read your posts after your trip. Sorry did not "meet you sooner". Next trip, okay.